Welcome to Anook Athletics!

Anook derives from the French name “Anouk,” meaning grace. As mothers, women are constantly juggling the weight of the world on their shoulders all while expected to have a smile on their face the entire time. At Anook Athletics, we believe mamas are the true definition of grace under fire. In our modern baby-centered world, Anook Athletics was founded to offer women the mother-based support that is lacking in our communities. We are here to provide women innovative clothing that supports their bodies from their first prenatal yoga class to running after a thriving child. We want all women to feel supported in their bodies physically, mentally, and spiritually. We take the guessing game out of what to wear so that mamas can do what they do best, empowering their little ones to create a better world. We are proud to say our garments are designed in the US and made in Canada by women who are the best in their respective fields.

Allie Lindenmuth

CEO and Founder: Allie is a yoga teacher who has worked with hundreds of women over the years. Coming from a nonprofit background, Allie was always on the lookout of how to better serve the mothers of her community. When she became a mom herself in 2016, Allie noticed there was a huge gap in the athletic apparel market. Because of the lack of high-quality maternity and postpartum workout gear, pregnant and nursing moms, herself included, were having to make their non-maternity workout clothes work. Blending her passion to serve women and her love for all things yoga, Allie started Anook Athletics. Allie believes that motherhood is one of the biggest transitions in a female’s life and support through this time is crucial. Allie lives in Austin, TX with her husband, two kids and their golden retriever.

Chris Wong

Director of Operations: Chris has a background in textiles and operations and has worked for some of the world’s largest brands. After her years at Nordstrom and Nike, Chris developed a love for working and surrounding herself with color and textiles as well as understanding the process behind the making of wovens and knits. Her eye is always drawn to color and pattern, whether it’s in her garden or in working with the team to choose Anook’s color palette. In her spare time she loves redesigning her backyard landscape, scheming about what room to ask her husband to paint, and weekly beach walks with girlfriends. Chris lives in Santa Barbara with her husband and two kids.

Randee Braham

Public Relations and Marketing: Randee is a skilled publicist and creative storyteller who takes a no-nonsense approach to public relations. Randee knows what works—and what doesn’t. Across media relations, influencer engagement, marketing, and events, she takes a nonlinear approach to creating 360-degree brand awareness. Her work for Anook has reached mass awareness, across all media platforms including print, broadcast and online media. Randee lives in LA with her husband and two beautiful daughters.

Sydney Waring

Director of Marketing and Social Media: Sydney is a skilled marketer with background in social media, influencer marketing, and graphic design. Sydney has a passion for working with small brands to help them grow their community and customer engagement. Anook’s social media platforms and blog is where you can most likely find Sydney’s work, whether she is engaging with the Anook Outercircle, creating Instagram stories, or writing blog posts for our mama readers. Sydney lives in Austin, Texas with her boyfriend, Stuart, and rescue pup, Tito.