How We Are Kickstarting Our Health in 2024

New year, same powerful me. 

Happy new year mamas! Although it is a new year, we don't believe that we magically turn into health gurus, perfect moms, or someone who thrives by waking up at 4am. These things take time and small changes are what lead to success and personal growth over time. We want to share what small steps we are going to kickstart our health in 2024. 

1. Whole30. Sydney, our Marketing Director, does Whole30 every January. We know, some people are not fans of Whole30 and you should definitely consult with your doctor before participating in any stringent diet, but this is a great way to cleanse your body of dairy, gluten and alcohol after the holidays. Click here for more on Whole30!

2. Anti-inflammatory Diet. Similar to the Mediterranean Diet, this diet incorporates a lot of green leafy vegetables, olive oils, nuts, fish, and fruits. It is believed to help with a ton of inflammatory diseases. Click here for more on the Anti-inflammatory Diet. 

3. Dry January. As much as we love red wine, there is so much sugar in it. After a few weeks of indulging it is time we say goodbye to the red wine and all alcohol for 31 days. See you in February 👋🏼

4. Corepower Yoga Online. Corepower has great online classes to help you tone up and center yourself. Just unroll your mat in the safety and comfort of your home and go. Promise you will be sweating after a 30 min sculpt class. 😅

5. Peleton Classes Online. The Peleton App has amazing classes with some of the best instructors. Even if you don't have the bike, you can use the Peleton App. Yoga, strength training, meditations, and so much more. 

6. Dry Brushing. Melissa Wood from Melissa Wood Health always speaks about dry brushing, and of course I was influenced! But, seriously the benefits of dry brushing are great! I have noticed a decrease in cellulite and an increase in blood flow. For more on the benefits of dry brushing, click here

7. Facial Steamer. There are many benefits of using a facial steamer before doing your nightly skincare routine. The steamer helps open your pores so your skin can better absorb the products you are using and your skin will love the extra hydration during the winter. Here is the facial steamer I use.

8. Tossing the Toxins. There are non-toxic versions of everything nowadays. Yes, they may cost a bit more than your traditional products filled with cheap fillers but do your research and invest in your health and non-toxic products that matter to you. You can read our blog post on our favorite non-toxic deodorants here.


9. Nightly Meditation. We've talked about this one before, but it really does help with sleep. I use the calm app for nightly 10 minute meditations to help ease my mind, forget about the unanswered emails, and the to-do list. It has definitely helped me get a better night sleep!

Happy 2024 mamas, you've got this. Let's all work together to implement small changes to achieve the best versions of ourselves!