The Importance of Clean, Non-Toxic Bath and Body Products During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a transformative journey, a time when every choice made reverberates not only through the mother's body but also to the precious life developing within. As the body undergoes profound changes, the products we choose for self-care become even more important. In this season, the significance of opting for clean, non-toxic bath and body products cannot be overstated. Beyond the allure of natural scents and soothing textures, there lies a deeper connection between wellness and the choices we make. Let's delve into a few of our favorite clean body and hair products.

Primally Pure Plumping Mask

Origins Hand & Body Lotion

Attitude Natural Toothpaste

Osea Body Polish

Necessaire Body Wash

Native Deodorant 

Primally Pure Everything Spray



 Schmidts Deodorant


Carina Organics Body Wash