The Founders Series featuring Mirelle Leguia, Founder of Mother Nutrient

Welcome to the Founders Series where we chat with a few of our favorite mama entrepreneurs who have created amazing brands that we find truly inspiring. In this series, you will get the inside scoop on how these women started their companies, manage work-life balance, stay creative and so much more. We hope you follow along and come to love these mamas and brands as much as we do.
Meet Mirelle, founder of Mother Nutrient and mama to two precious boys. 

Mirelle is a holistic nutritionist and mother of two boys. As most holistic practitioners, her health journey began after experiencing her own health issues during her first pregnancy and postpartum. She realized that a lot of the problems she was experiencing were not only very common amongst mothers, but very poorly managed through traditional medicine. 

She went back to school, focused her studies in pregnancy and postpartum nutrition, devoured books and papers about the topic and read hundreds of nutrition studies and articles. The knowledge she learned has not only helped her overcome her health issues, but also allowed her to help many new mothers overcome theirs.

The story of Mother Nutrient and the importance helping mamas replenish their nutrients 

The vast majority of women are nutrient depleted after birth and need to replete and nourish their bodies to recover from such a taxing endeavor. The immense amount of changes that happen to a woman's body during pregnancy, requires a lot of nutrients. In order to cope with this increased need, a woman's body uses her nutrient reserves during this time, thus depleting nutrient stores that have been built over the years


Some of our favorite products from Mother Nutrient

1. Prenatal, Postnatal and Nursing Support 

2. Multi Collagen Complex

3. Womens Probiotic 


Shop Mirelle's Favorite Anook Pieces 

Mirelle is wearing the Ruby Tank in Redwood & Poppy Leggings in Char

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