The Founders Series featuring Susan Wise

Welcome to the Founders Series where we chat with a few of our favorite mama entrepreneurs who have created amazing brands that we find truly inspiring. In this series, you will get the inside scoop on how these women started their companies, manage work-life balance as a busy mom, stay creative and so much more. We hope you follow along and come to love these mamas and brands as much as we do. 

Meet Susan, Founder of Polo & Yoga

Meet Susan Wise of Polo & Yoga Adventures. Susan is passionate about polo and yoga, loves to travel, meet new people and give back. Susan created Polo and Yoga Adventures to combine her love for travel with polo and yoga. She creates amazing group trips all over the world! Next up on her trip itinerary is Aux en Provence, France this June and then Zimbabwe in September. At Anook, we are passionate about travel and movement so we knew we had to introduce you to her amazing, one of a kind program. 

What inspired you to create your  brand/business?

I was not feeling completely fulfilled in my “day job” and wanted to do what I love and share it with others, ( and I hoped they would have interest).  My passions are polo, yoga, travel and giving back.  So, I decided to go ahead and combine all of those things and see if anyone wanted to join.  That is how Polo & Yoga Adventures was born.  Luckily, my best friend from high school who doesn’t even play polo was up for doing it with me.  It has been so much more fun getting to take the adventure together.


What motivates you to keep going and stay creative?

 Hmm, dreaming!  Dreaming of new places to go, new things to learn, new people to meet, cultures to dive into.  The knowing that putting myself out there will always bring new lessons, new adventures and new relationships. They may not always go as plan, but they all bring with them opportunities to learn and improve and create wonderful new memories.


In your opinion what defines success?

 I think success is defined by happiness and inner peace.  We all love to make money but it is not until we can expel the fear of not having enough or not “being enough” that we can find true peace and abundance. Success is being surrounded by people you love and the feeling that you are giving back and making the world a better place no matter how small the gesture. Success is not letting your setbacks define you but to keep dreaming and knowing that if you keep going your dreams are manifesting.  Trusting in yourself.


What is the one piece of advice you would give a new entrepreneur?

 I would say get a professional accountant or bookkeeper, or whatever tasks you don’t enjoy. I can do the books, I have an MBA, but I don’t enjoy it and therefore think I tend to be not as attentive as I should be.  I think it is important to define what your skills are but also what you enjoy doing.  Building a team is important. It is key to have people with complementary skills.  If there are some tasks you really don’t enjoy or feel confident about, find a professional to help.  It can be very part time or create some sort of trade arrangement, it doesn’t have to cost a lot if you are just starting out.   I believe if you focus on what you love and outsource what you don’t, all aspects of the business will run smoother.


How do you balance work life and being a mom?

 This is much easier for me now since my daughter is 22 years old. However, I was a working single mother since Alexis was 3 years old. I did not live near family but was fortunate to arrange a “trade arrangement” with the most amazing young woman.  She lived with us and was basically Alexis second mom as I had to travel a great deal for work.  She was a gift from the Universe and still is, we will always be the closest of family.  She gave birth to a son while living with us.  This expanded our unique family, gave Alexis a younger “brother” and we only spoke Spanish in the house so Alexis is extremely fluent in Spanish, a gift she appreciates greatly to this day.  Not your typical family but an incredibly special family.  I also took Alexis with me pretty much everywhere!  She was my best buddy and thankfully I had friends with small children so our world revolved around family and friends. It was beautiful.  We are all still extremely close and I am forever grateful to have had the power of strong girlfriends in my life. 


What are your favorite female run businesses that you support?

 Anook is amazing, as is Allie. I am so impressed with this company and love that it is addressing this very underserved  and important market niche. Another powerful woman leader is my friend and business partner Kelly Caldwell.  Kelly runs KKIS (Keeping Kids in School) a powerful non-profit in Mexico which provides not only school supplies to thousands of children but also provides scholarships, as education is not free after 8th grade.  She has provided, and continues to provide scholarships for hundreds of children so they have the opportunity to attend  high school and university.  As well, they provide English classes, mentoring and many things to improve the lives of these children.  She has positively affected the trajectory of generations with her hard work, passion and perseverance.


How do you like to move your body?

 Every way I can and as often as I can! I love horses and polo is my largest passion.  I am certified yoga instructor and love and appreciate every form of yoga and appreciate all of its physical mental and spiritual benefits.  I was a ski instructor all over the world for years and I love to ski.  I love being outside and in nature. I am fortunate to live in the mountains most of the year and love to get in them as often as possible, hiking, mountain biking, paddle boarding or surfing on the river or any other activity that presents itself.   I also love to dance and try to remember to dance and sing often and not take myself too seriously. Also, laughing I think is an extremely important and healing activity.  We have to remember to keep laughter and fun as a goal and a priority.


What Anook pieces are you wearing?

 Alexis and I are both wearing the Nila Bra Char and the Birdie Skort Char.  They are both comfortable and so cute!!  I wish I would have had this nursing bar when Alexis was young!

I was extremely fortunate to be able to do my 250 hour yoga certification with Alexis when she was 17.  Yoga and acroyoga are two things we love to share. Alexis is also an excellent polo player and went to Aspen to teach skiing last year. We have so many shared passions and she is my favorite person on the planet to hang out with.  I have always told her, (and still do), thank you for picking me to be your mama, I am the luckiest mommy in the world.   Being able to be active with your children is one of the most bonding and special gifts of motherhood. I was fortunate that my mother was extremely athletic and active and shared her love of sports and the outdoors with me from birth.  Thank you Anook for making it more comfortable and fashionable and the wonderful community you have created!

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