Summer Whites for the Pregnant and Nursing Mama

Summer is here, and with the rising temperatures, pregnant and nursing mamas need practical yet fashionable options to beat the heat. The timeless and refreshing allure of summer whites is the perfect choice for staying cool, comfortable, and stylish during this special time. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of wearing summer whites during pregnancy and into postpartum, and provide some helpful tips and outfit ideas to help you rock your summer whites with ease.

  1. Breathable Fabrics: Choosing light and breathable fabrics is crucial during the summer months. These fabrics allow better air circulation, keeping you cool and comfortable in the sweltering heat.

  2. Reflects Heat: White reflects sunlight, which helps to keep you cooler compared to darker shades. By wearing white, you can minimize heat absorption and reduce discomfort caused by excessive perspiration.

The Jennie Shorts in Stone 

Our Jennie Maternity Short is made of our butter soft legging material that supports you throughout your pregnancy journey. The extra soft material and flat seam construction are non-irritating against sensitive skin and is designed so the shorts expand and retract so they are wearable during pregnancy and postpartum. The Jennie short has an extra-wide lined gusset offering ventilation the female body needs. An accessory pocket is located at each side leg so you have free hands for your little one.

The Georgia Jacket in Cloud

The go-to jacket for any and all belly sizes!  The zippered side gussets allow the jacket to grow and retract with you through pregnancy and beyond. Quilted 4-way stretch woven front panels, paired with stretchy soft jersey knit back and sleeves allow for all day comfort. The Anook Georgia maternity jacket was designed with semi-auto locking zippers that will stay in place throughout the day, and invisible zippers on the hand pockets. This is the perfect jacket to throw on over any workout top and go.

The Ellie Leggings in Stone

Offering a side pocket, the Anook Ellie maternity cropped leggings are perfect for the mama on the go. Meant to grow with you and be worn for years to come, our Ellie maternity leggings are made from butter-soft and supportive performance jersey knit materials. The extra wide gusset offers ventilation to meet the needs of the changing female body. Whether it’s hot or cold out, the Ellie maternity crop leggings are the perfect addition all year round.

The Nila Bra in Cloud

Called the “best nursing bra” by many, the Anook Nila maternity and nursing bra was designed to grow with you, from the first trimester, to the third, to many years postpartum. Offering sewn-in bra pads and lined with antimicrobial moisture management material with a soft hand, this bra was designed with your comfort in mind. Our Nila maternity and nursing bra is nursing friendly with specially designed nursing clips for easy, one-handed access.