October Must Haves

It's that time of the month again! It's time for our must have list where we talk about all the things we have used and loved over the past month! Allie has been settling in in her new home country of Canada and has been spending time with her family who has come to visit. I have been hopping from bachelorette parties to wedding showers galore. It's that time in my life where me and all my friends are getting married, which is so much fun but SO busy. Allie and I are always on the move, barely finding time to breathe in between family life, social life and trying to work and maintain healthy habits. This list is full of our day to day must haves, simple everyday things that we could not live without. Enjoy and comment below you must haves that we need to try!  
1. Hydroflask - As seasons change it is important to stay hydrated. The hydroflask keeps your water cool all day and is easy to travel with.
2. The Defined Dish Cookbook - LOVE everything the Defined Dish cooks! She really has the best healthy spins on classic, comfort meals that you and your children will love. 
3. Hayes Joggers - The best and only lounge pants you need this fall and winter! 
4. Blume Pumpkin Spice Blend - Allie has been loving this in her morning coffee! 
5. Wheat Kids Clothing - Allie loves their clothes for her kids, they are seriously so adorable! When I have kids this is what they will be wearing ;)
6. The Sculpt Society Classes - Love Megan's online sculpt classes. A lot of her classes don't require anything but your own body weight which makes them super convenient. I also love doing her workouts with bala bands. 
7. The Georgia Jacket - The best jacket for all mamas, no matter your stage of motherhood. 
8. Happy Home Smiley Slippers - These slippers went viral on Tik Tok 😂 so I was influenced! But, they really are so happy and comfortable. Will be wearing these around the house all fall and winter. 
9. Kate Waitzkin Online Flow Classes - Allie does these workouts weekly! She loves them and they are short and sweet, so they fit into her busy schedule. 
10. NOW Probiotics - Grabbed these from the grocery store, and they work surprisingly well. I always have gut issues and these have made me feel a lot less bloated.