Notes from the Outercircle - Allie on Transitioning into Fall

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Happy September, mamas. I can feel fall coming as the temps have dropped a bit this week. After a busy and chaotic summer, both kids officially started school today and my mama heart is feeling all the feels. I am so ready for routine again and fall to come, but I can't help feeling a little nostalgic. It feels like it is all happening so fast. I cannot believe that my baby who was born the week covid hit is in preschool. And my sweet boy started 1st grade! And they are at the same school. Taking it all in and trying to soak up this precious time with both of them. I am continuing to focus on a shorter work day and more time with the family this year and so far so good. I'll be putting out positive vibes for each of you during this transition back into school, especially all of you (who like us) are dealing with the gradual starts into classes!