Easy Lunch Ideas for Busy Moms

We know whether you are a working mom or a stay at home mom, life gets busy. We are always at a loss for new and inventive healthy lunch recipes. We scoured the internet for a few new recipes y'all can mix in with your weekly routine!

Veggie-full Pasta Salad - There are thousands of variations of pasta salad. Add in veggies to make this simple lunch more nutrient-rich.

Smoothie Freezer Packs - Another great way to prep lunch ahead of time. Pack all the ingredients of your favorite smoothie into a freezer safe bag and toss it in the blender when you are running short on time.

No Bake Protein Balls - Love to prep these ahead of time for me and the kids! Works for a healthy snack, dessert or a side for your lunch.

Yogurt Dill Chicken Salad - Chicken salad is always a lunch staple! I love subbing the mayo for greek yogurt and adding in different veggies and seasonings to switch it up.

No Cook Snack Plate - This one is more general, but you can cut up cheese cubes, veggies, fruits and nuts. Add in some hummus or chicken salad you prepped ahead and add it all to a plate for a simple no-cook snack plate. 

Spicy Shrimp Burrito Bowl - Another easy recipe you can cook ahead of time and eat on all week.

Italian Pinwheels - Love simple pinwheel recipes for the adults or the kids!

Mediterranean Chickpea Salad - Chickpeas are a great source vegan of protein that you can use in all different salad recipes! This Mediterranean salad recipe is on repeat all year round. 

Shrimp Spring Rolls - I love spring rolls, especially with shrimp and avocado. I like to make these ahead of time and snack on them all week. Kids love them too!

Chickpea & Quinoa Mason Jar Salad - Using a mason jar is a great way to keep your salad ingredients separated. So easy to dump in a bowl, add the dressing and done!

Chinese Chicken Salad - Always love a good Chinese chicken salad. Prep the ingredients ahead of time and you will be looking forward to lunch all week!