The Founders Series Featuring Nikki Bergen of The Belle Method

Welcome to the Founders Series where we chat with a few of our favorite mama entrepreneurs who have created amazing brands that we find truly inspiring. In this series, you will get the inside scoop on how these women started their companies, manage work-life balance, stay creative and so much more. We hope you follow along and come to love these mamas and brands as much as we do. 


Meet Nikki Bergen

Founder of The Belle Method and amazing mama to 2 little ones. Nikki is a pilates and pelvic health trainer with a passion for helping women feel strong and confident throughout their pregnancy journey, postpartum and beyond. She is one of Canada's most sought after fitness instructors because of her knowledge and science-backed groundbreaking fitness program, The Belle Method. 



How It All Started 

"Nikki discovered Pilates after injuring her knee as a 24 year old dancer. Amazed at the powerful impact it made on recovery, she knew she had to learn more. After her first Pilates certification, she began teaching reformer privates at a Sport Rehab Clinic. Many of these were covered under insurance. In one day she could see a nurse with a herniated disk, a pregnant woman with pelvic pain, a new mom with diastasis recti, and a teen gymnast with incontinence.
It was a baptism by fire. She would study patient records before each session, grilling the clinic physiotherapists for insight into how I should structure the Pilates workout. She learned a lot, fast.
Eventually most patients ran out of insurance, so the demand grew for more affordable group classes. She saw a need to create a class that would be fun and challenging yet appropriate for a variety of injuries and conditions. It had to focus on technique, but not be boring or too easy, otherwise people wouldn’t get the sweat they craved.
And so, The Belle Method was born. Inspired by Pilates, informed by science and created to help women feel strong and confident.
The addition of The Bump Method classes arrived shortly afterwards, tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant and postpartum moms."


About The Belle Method 

The Bump Method - 

For pregnant mamas. In the Belle Method you will learn to activate the deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, heal diastasis recti, and feel confident and empowered for birth and postpartum recovery.

The Belle Method - 

For pre-pregnancy or partpartum mamas. The is a more intense fitness program for women during all other life stages. We build on Pilates and Pelvic Health principles, challenging you as we take core training to the deepest possible level.


Visit The Belle Method Website for more info. Use code AnookBelle25 for 25% off the Belle Method virtual classes. Code expires on Feb 28th. 

Thanks for joining us Nikki! Follow along with Nikki and The Belle Method on Instagram @thebellemethod