Round Up of Etsy Valentines Day Gifts for Classmates

As Valentine's Day approaches, the quest to find the perfect little gifts for classmates begins. A lot of schools are not allowing candy or treats to be passed out as Valentine's anymore due to dietary restrictions. While major online retailers offer convenience, there's a charm and uniqueness that comes with exploring the treasure trove of creations on Etsy. Choosing Etsy over more mainstream platforms like Amazon isn't just about finding one-of-a-kind treasures; it's about supporting small businesses and the creative endeavors of female entrepreneurs on Etsy. In a world where personal touches often make the most significant impact, diving into Etsy's array of handmade delights not only ensures thoughtful gifts but also fosters a connection with the passionate individuals crafting each item.


Join us on this exploration of Etsy Valentine's Day gifts, where every purchase becomes a celebration of creativity, individuality, and the empowering spirit of female-led enterprises.

"Vintage" Etch-A-Sketch Cards - How cool and innovative are these?!

Printable Paper Plane Cards - These are such a fun play on the traditional card. 

Scrunchie Valentines - The girls in the class would love these adorable ballerinas. 

Sticky Hands Valentines - The teacher might hate you for this one, but the kids would love it! 😂

 Slap bracelets - When I was young, I loved these! 

Robot Pop Tubes - A fun little sensory toy. 

Pop Bracelets - Another sensory toy that is all the rage right now!

Lego Blocks - This is a great one for the little builders!


Custom Tic Tac Toe Boards - This might be a bit too expensive for the whole class but could be great for your kids and a few of their close friends. 

Sequin Keychains - Kids always love little keychains they can add to their backpacks. 

Play-Doh Valentines - Every child loves play-doh so you can't go wrong with these!

Valentines Slime - Another one the teacher might hate you for but the kids would LOVE! 

Friendship Bracelet Valentines - Give all the kids in the class matching friendship bracelets! So sweet. 

Heart Pops - Another great one that all kids love. 

So many great options. Let us know which you choose. Enjoy!