Meet the Outercircle with Meredith Baird

Meet the Outercircle featuring Meredith Baird!

Meredith is a boss mama who loves all things health and wellness. She is a vegan chef, food blogger, founder of Nucifera Body, and Author of Coconut Kitchen + Everyday Raw Detox. We chatted with Meredith to get to know her better, find out what grounds her, what her favorite women-run businesses are and so much more. Meet Meredith Baird!

1. What is your favorite way to move your body?

Moving is essential to my mental health. I'm pretty much open to any form, although just simply walking every morning is my most consistent exercise. I love hiking, bike riding, and doing yoga when I can.


2. What grounds you?

Simple daily routines have always grounded me, and now it's more crucial than ever. My morning walk is probably the most grounding thing I'm doing right now.


3. What are your top 3 favorite wellness brands?

I don't know that I can answer this! There are a lot of great brands out there. I'm always inspired by Ritual vitamins, Juna Brand is awesome, CAP Beauty continues to do great things, Credo is going so much for green beauty and.. I really don't think I can answer completely. So many great brands! 


4. What are your top 5 must-have products you always carry with you?

All things Nucifera occupy my top 3 - I always have a Balm, Mist and now The Stick with me. Living libations cinnamon oil that I use on my tongue to refresh breath. Cinnamon oil is also antimicrobial/antifungal and may be beneficial for a number of things. Use only a dab though because it's very potent! And Gara Skincare CBD/ Menthol rub. I have asthma and this product provides so much relief. Just smelling it is relaxing.


5. What is one hope you have for your kid’s/kids’ lives as they grow up?

That she will find passion and compassion early on. Having a sense of purpose, and a healthy (compassionate)  framework for that is so important. 


6. What ways do you enjoy giving back to your community? 

Beach clean ups are something that we want to continue to do more of as a family. Connecting with the natural environment we live in, and doing what we can to actively clean/care for it is really important. 


7. What women-run businesses do you love right now?

Kat of Ritual Vitamins always impresses me, and her vitamins I feel good about taking. My friend Erica Chiddi Cohen of Loom is very inspiring, and she is doing so much good work with education in the reproductive space. Jewel Zimmer from Juna has also been hugely inspirational. This is another one that is too hard to answer- so many great women-run businesses right now! 


8. Is there a quote or motto you live your life by

The only real elegance is in the mind; if you've got that, the rest really comes from it. - Diana Vreeland's quote always resonates.