Learning To Balance Again with Callie Hester

Learning To Balance Again

Hi, my name is Callie and I have three little wild ones aged 5, 4, and 2. I am a “retired” attorney turned Mom. Like so many of my friends my motherhood journey included “The Covid” which in turn meant some not-so-normal few years.

Now that life has returned to “normal” I fall into the camp of moms that never knew what normal looked like because my firstborn was 2 and my daughter was 1 when Covid hit. We were barely in school and certainly not in sports and extracurriculars. Coming out of those years of no activities and stay-at-home life we suddenly got thrown into doing ALL the things, all of which I was very excited to do. I was so eager for activity, connection, and a full schedule. 

This fall I really did do ALL the things. I took on several big volunteer roles at school, church, and through other organizations. The kids were swimming in activities, fall swim lessons included. Every weekday I labored over a schedule that got in “all the things,” tried to work out, tried to cook healthy meals and every weekend we crammed in a ton of activities, every Sunday night we were exhausted. When I made it to the other side of “moms making magic season” aka the holidays I was depleted and felt disconnected from my little people.

Now cue January and the quintessential New Year New Me pressures. I knew things needed to change and I needed to find a better balance for myself and my family.  Looking at the winter and spring seasons I shifted from saying yes to everything and instead decided if I truly had the time to take on a new project and if it served me and where my life is right now. I know there will be a time when all 3 kids are in full-time school, and I will have more time, but it's not right now and that is ok. I also scaled back some of the kid activities, leaving more time for playing at home, playdates with friends, and relaxed downtime on the weekend for our entire family. 

Personally, I took on the god-awful habit of waking up at 5 am and working out, and having 5 minutes of time to myself before my early risers hit the floor at 6 am. If you had told me pre-kids that I would be voluntarily waking up at 5 am to work out and prep for the day, I would have called you mental. Lastly, I was influenced by an Instamom and started doing laundry every morning before we leave for school, truly life-changing. 

Cheers to all the moms learning to balance again.

Callie. Mama to Langford, Birdie and Cece.

 Favorite Woman-Owned Businesses: 

Mom Agenda: I have used their agenda books since college, I keep them on a bookshelf at the end of each year. Beautiful and so logically compiled.

La Vie Style House: I absolutely love her dresses and kaftans. They are so versatile and are one size fits all, so you can share them with your friends and family. 

Mignonne Gavigan: My absolute favorite jewlery! Her earrings and neck scarves are amazing and they have amazing sales! 

Cadets: “Free the knee!” Favorite place for boy shorts! 

Lola and The Boys: Perfect combination of sparkle and quality. I could buy this entire collection every year for my girls and they would be over the moon. 

Callie is wearing the Devyn Tank in Pacific