Wellness Must Haves for 2024

Happy 2024! It is a fresh, new year and this year we are focusing on bringing back health and wellness to our bodies. At Anook, we don't believe in the saying "new year, new me" instead, we try to establish realistic small daily habits to slowly develop into the better version of ourselves. These must-haves are great products to become a more well version of your beautiful self!
Nuface Facial Massager - Have heard such great things about this facial massager! 
Ballet Flats - How chic are these?!
Bala Bands - Love these for a at home workout or to wear on walks!
Blue Light Glasses - I always wear blue light glasses at night when looking at my phone or reading. There are so many benefits to blue light glasses!
The 5 Minute Journal - Trying to journal more this year, it helps so much with anxiety and being more mindful throughout the day.
The Birdie Skort - This one is obvious, we can't live without this skort!
Juicer - Love this William Sonoma Juicer - great price for the quality. 
Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket - There are amazing benefits for using an infrared sauna! This is a more cost effective way to sauna at home. 
Merrell Hiking Boots - These are Allies favorite boots for hiking! They are waterproof and so lightweight.
Tuckernuck Sweater - Tuckernuck can do no wrong.
Manduka Yoga Mat - The BEST yoga mat we swear by!
Branch Basics - Our favorite non-toxic cleaner! This is the only cleaner I have in my house. I use it for countertop, bathroom, laundry, windows, literally everything!
Kate Waitzkin Online Classes - We love all Kate's online classes. She offers yoga flows, guided meditations and more!
Le Creuset - We are all obsessed with Le Creuset! Use these on the daily for soups, stews and more. These are such a good investment.