Hydrangea Hues for August

Motherhood is a transformative journey, filled with moments of immense joy, profound love, and unexpected challenges. It is a role that encompasses boundless strength, unwavering dedication, and an indescribable bond with a child. Each woman's path to motherhood is unique, and every story is worth celebrating.

In this series, we bring you an intimate collection of inspiring narratives where women from all walks of life share their personal experiences of motherhood. From the joys of pregnancy to the realities of postpartum, the triumphs and struggles of raising children, and the profound lessons learned along the way, these stories offer a glimpse into the diverse and transformative world of motherhood.

Through this series, we aim to create a space for women to connect, support, and uplift one another. We believe that by sharing our stories, we can find solace, inspiration, and empowerment. Whether you are a soon-to-be mother, a new mom navigating the early stages of parenthood, or a seasoned parent, we hope these stories resonate with you, reminding you that you are not alone on this beautiful yet challenging journey.

As someone who's always had an affinity for the classic charm of black, it's safe to say that my workout wardrobe has largely been dominated by this sleek and timeless hue. However, this 100+ degrees that we've been experiencing in Dallas has thrown quite the curveball my way, compelling me to make a surprising shift in my daily uniform. With temperatures soaring beyond 100 degrees day after day, I've found myself gravitating towards lighter colors. I've been living in my Pacific Devyn Tank and Redwood Birdie Skort. I can't even get myself to put on my tried and true Char leggings. The gentle pastels and soft hues not only offer a visual respite from the blazing heat but also seem to carry a coolness of their own. If you are feeling the heat, shop some of our lighter hues as we get through the rest of this scorching summer. 

Xo, Sydney

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