For the Working Mama: Tips to Manage Work-Life Balance

Working life with a newborn or toddler is never easy and there's a good chance that no one really has the perfect "work-life balance." Although there is no perfect formula to be the best mom to your little ones and a working female, there are definitely a few tips we have learned over the years from talking to other working mamas. Combine these tips with patience and practice and you'll see a great positive shift in your work-life balance.  
1. Plan your mornings ahead - Whether it's prepping breakfast so it's less chaotic or waking up 30 minutes earlier. There is so much you can do to plan ahead to make the morning rush easier. 
2. Schedule your time - Schedule your time with the kids and your time "in the office" even if you office is at home. Now, this one might be harder for mamas who do not have any help with the kids during the day, but if you can have some separation where you are not bothered for a few hours a day, it can be really helpful. Plus, this allows you to be fully present with your children when you are off "working hours."
3. Use time-saving hacks - Save time where you can. Whether it's getting your groceries delivered or scheduling calls while on your morning walk. Try your best to make sure you are being efficient with your time. 
4. Invest in childcare - For some this may not be feasible, but if you are a dual income household and you are able to budget for this, this can be a game changer in managing work life balance. 
5. Schedule family activities and quality time - Just like you would schedule a meeting, schedule family time, time alone or with your significant other to make sure that you are not overlooking quality time. 
6. Say no - Just say no. Say no to things you cannot fit in your schedule. You do not have to do everything, you have enough in your hands as a working mother. 
7. Set realistic expectations with your clients / managers - Before taking on a new client, or taking a new job, make sure you set realistic expectations. Let them know you are a mother, a wife, a caregiver, etc. Let them know that your job is always a top priority but your children and family will always, always come first. 
8. Reach out to other working mamas - Don't be afraid to ask for advice from other working mothers, ask them about how they manage their time, schedule family activities, alone time, etc. Some of the best tips we have received has been from reaching out to our outercircle mamas for advice. If you have a problem, there is a good chance someone else has had the same problem as you in the past and would be happy to help.