Allie's Pregnancy Must Haves

After going through 2 pregnancies, Allie has a good understanding of the best pregnancy products and what you really need. Allie is excited to share her knowledge with y'all! These 7 products are the pregnancy staples Allie could not have lived without during her pregnancy.

Belly Oil - Allie's personal favorite is the Hatch Belly Oil but there are a ton of great options out there! Belly Oil will help prevent stretch marks as your belly grows throughout pregnancy. 

Yoga Mat for Prenantal Yoga + Stretching - Our all time favorite mat's are Manduka but any mat works! Doing prenatal yoga and stretching is vital to having a smooth pregnancy and ease into postpartum.

Stanley Cup - You already know we are obsessed with our Stanley cups! This will keep you hydrated throughout your entire pregnancy. 

Ritual Prenantals - We love Ritual! they have the highest quality prenatal vitamins. 

Exercise Ball - This will be very good to have towards the end of your pregnancy to help lower the baby and get ready for labor. Plus, use it postpartum while trying to sooth an upset baby. They love bouncing!

Belly Band - Belly bands will help ease the pressure of a heavy belly during the late stages of pregnancy. There are a lot of great options for belly bands on Amazon.

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes - When a person is pregnant, their need for magnesium increases. In fact, research has shown that a magnesium deficiency is common in many women of childbearing age. Although there is not yet scientific proof, soaking in an Epsom salt bath may allow the body to absorb magnesium.

Pregnancy Pillow - An absolute MUST HAVE! We love the ones that give belly and back support!