Team Anook's Mindful Intentions

The New Year is upon us and as we take a look back we can't help but think what a crazy year this has been, "unprecedented" as they love to say constantly on the news ūüėā. With many lows came many highs. We grew our company, hit many goals that we set out to accomplish and grew as a team. We are proud as we look back at where we were this time last year vs now. It's always important to take time to look back and actually realize how much you have grown, because sometimes it feels like nothing has changed until you take a moment to measure your successes, no matter how small.¬†

This year will be a big one for both us as a team and for us personally. Allie is establishing her new home in Canada, making it feel more like home for her husband and her young children Hayes and Georgia. Sydney is getting married this year! Chris and Sarah's children are getting ready to go off to college. Many milestones for us personally and professionally and as we talk through these milestones as a team we keep coming back to the importance of doing all things with mindfulness in mind. So often we go through the daily routine of life without taking a moment to sit back and reflect. We let routine shape us instead of us shaping our routine.

In 2022 our goal is to be mindful in all that we do, in the small daily habits to the big life decisions. Move with intention though our days and take moments to reflect and realize both accomplishments and setbacks. Cheers to a mindful year.

Here's a look into our our team's mindful Intentions: 

Allie, Founder + CEO

Allie's Mindful Intentions:

1. Focus on what is and not what was or what could be.
2. Set clear boundaries with work and relationships
3. Have more fun and get outside more
4. One act of self care a day

Chris, Director of Operations

Chris' Mindful Intentions:

1.  Stay in my heart, not in my head
2.  Embrace change in all forms
3.  Open myself to new possibilities without shutting myself down
4.  Enjoy my creativity
5.  Listen to my intuition and let it guide me  
6.  Give back every chance you get
7.  Create your karma, you receive what you put out in the world
8.  Choose happiness

Sydney, Director of Marketing

Sydney's Mindful Intentions:

1. Focus on the now instead of worrying about the future
2. See the goodness around me
3. Be consistent with self care and habits that make me happieset
4. Breathe through the anxieties 


Sarah, Director of Merchandising 


Sarah's Mindful Intentions:

1. Soak in and cherish all things kids right now...the mess and stress may be gone in 9 months time (kids (twins) off to college), but so will all of the laughter, chatter, family dinners, etc,.
2. Dwell on the positive, assume best intentions
3. Stop worrying about the little things
4. Embrace adventure and spontaneity!