Meet the Outercircle with Dr. Marcella Madera

Meet Dr. Marcella Madera 👋🏼
I am a Johns Hopkins trained neurosurgeon who takes a holistic approach to healing. Before jumping right into spine surgery, I look into the root causes of spine issues to discover alternative, minimally invasive ways to heal my patients. At AIS, we know that spine surgery can be scary and is no one's first choice, so before taking that plunge we want to try to heal your pain naturally, whether it is by using holistic medicine, or using your own body's cells in biologic cell therapy. Follow along with her private practice on Instagram @austinintegrativespine


1. What is your favorite way to move your body?

Moving through yoga poses or walking in nature nourishes my body and soul. I gather my kids up and take them outside as much as possible. My absolute favorite thing to do is to combine all + kids in nature!


2. What grounds you? 

Daily practice with an ancient Chinese discipline called Energy for Success, created by Dr. Barry Morguelan, is the foundation on which I have built my life and my integrative neurosurgical practice. The practices provide me with the grounding I need to balance my work as a neurosurgeon and my family life


3. What are your top three favorite wellness Brands?

Bulletproof by Dave Asprey has a wide array of performance enhancing products that I trust.

- I am careful about what I feed my family and love Farmhouse Delivery for local, grass fed meat, organic fruits and vegetables, and all around, high quality food.

- I look for beautiful and natural self-care...Goop's line of clean bath and body products is divine.


4. What are your top 5 must have products you always carry with you? 

- Graphic Image Daily Journal. I hand write goals daily, creating the life that I desire and putting healing intention into my patients' health outcomes.

- Westman Atelier “Lit Up” highlight stick. Gucci, the founder, has created clean beauty products, and this stick can be used anywhere on your face...lips, eyes, cheeks. I feel beautiful every time I use it!

- Contigo insulated coffee cup...where I sip bullet proof coffee and Energy for Success jasmine tea. All. Day. Long.

- A separate notebook for writing and celebrating wins in life. For example, I just wrote about how much I am enjoying collaborating with a colleague on a new idea for back pain diagnosis and treatment.

- My trusty spine model! I never know when I might be educating a patient or operating room nurse about conditions that affect the spine.


5. What is one hope you have for your kid’s/kids’ life as they grow up?

I hope my kids maintain the exuberance of childhood their whole lives, continuing to expand in curiosity as adults as much as they do as children.

6. What ways do you enjoy giving back to your community?

I am honored to be on the board of Ballet Austin. I am inspired by Ballet Austin’s commitment to making dance accessible to all as a form of art and, as a former dancer, I enjoy the opportunity to give back to both the dance community and to the people of our incredible city. Also, while not a formal role, I enjoy supporting family, close friends, and our extended social network as a health and wellness resource, sharing my knowledge and experience with people I love.


7. What women run businesses do you love right now?

Austin's own Thai Fresh (the Tom Kha soup and Love Meal!), Westman Atelier, Goop, and Zero + Maria Cornejo fashion. In fact, I’m wearing her clothing right now!


8. Is there a quote or motto you live your life by? 

There is an ancient Chinese koan "No body No body". My interpretation is that if we don't pay attention our bodies, we are no longer. So it is up to us take action to care for and nourish our bodies which support us in life


For more on Dr. Marcella Madera and her private practice, please visit her website.